Aromatherapy Sleep

Insomnia can affect your well being and the quality of life as well. The frustration of not being able to get a quality sleep can make your situation worse. The hectic lifestyle, depression, stress, working too much and physical diseases can be the causes of insomnia. You should know that aromatherapy cannot cure insomnia completely or remove the root causes, however, using the relaxing and calming essential oils before bedtime could potentially help you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep until the time that you want. Of course, if you want to get serious or unusual sleep disorder, then you have to meet with your health professional and get the right treatment for the root causes of your insomnia. There are some references for Aromatherapy Sleep.


Chamomile is the most popular option to treat insomnia. Although there are some different types of chamomile, the Roman chamomile essential oil provides you with the big benefits to fight insomnia. this is also an ancient hern which contains the therapeutic materials which act as the sedative and help you to relieve or relax the body and mind. The Roman chamomile essential oil was highly recommended to treat stress, nervous tension, and insomnia that help you to prepare to fall asleep.


Bergamot is the citrus which gives you with a pleasant fragrance. The research shows that bergamot oil has the ability to reduce anxiety and improving your mood swings. For better, bergamot essential oil was considered reducing the stress-balancing hormone  which gives you with the sedative agents.

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The bergamot essential oil was used to some purposes, one of them used as the sleep aid. Bergamot also can be used to increase the amount of time that you spend in the sleep stage which directs you to get more energy the next day.


The pure lavender is very effective if it used to help you fall asleep. This oil mainly contains the alcohols and esters which were not only related to the relaxation but also have some therapeutic agents. Lavender is a very versatile essential oil because of its wide range uses. This is not only useful to help you sleep but also works to relax your body, calm nerves and relieve your headaches, control asthma, reduce anxiety and so on. There are many benefits that you can get from the lavender essential oil.

Ylang Ylang

This essential oil working so good on the mental level, lowering your stress and help you to stay connect to your heart – of course healing you from the emotional traumas. It was also known to promote the overall feeling of well-being. It also helps you to relieve stress from your mind. This is a good essential oil which can be used to fall asleep if you find out that your mind was racing in the evening and you experience a hard time to calm it down.


This sweet marjoram is very effective to treat insomnia. It gives you with the sleep-inducing effects was considered more effective than chamomile or lavender which both of them used more like the sleeping aid. It works very great to sedate and calms the nervous system that helps you to lower blood pressure, ease your tension, anxiety and soothe any feelings of rejection, grief, loneliness and so on. This is very important to choose the right marjoram which is sweet marjoram. This is the only essential oil which highly recommended to reduce insomnia. you should know that finding the right essential oil for you might be based on the trial and error. So if it does not work, it does not mean that aromatherapy has failed completely.

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