Aromatherapy Teddy Bear     

Things to Know about Aromatherapy Teddy Bear

What is on your mind when hearing the word aromatherapy? Well, it is probably products like essential oils, bathing salt, and scented candles. Meanwhile, there are some other products with aromatherapy essence including soap and shampoo. However, have you ever thought about the aromatherapy Teddy Bear? Just like the name, it is indeed an aromatherapy product but it is packaged in the form of Teddy Bear. Uniquely, this animal doll can be hugged every night just to smell the aroma and relax. If you are interested to have this product, here are some matters you must know well.

The Materials

In general, the products are made from Non-microwavable materials particularly as the body and fur of the animal. The uses of such materials are mainly functioned to make products more hygienic without causing problems like allergy and itches. As you know, conventional materials like cotton are often not friendly with some people. Particularly, it is if the users have certain allergies including cotton and dust.

The materials also make Teddy Bear easier to clean. There is no need to wash it but you can just dry clean it and then store it in the dry and clean place. More than that, the design which is interesting tends to be lovable whether for children and adults. Some colors are available in the market including brown and purple.

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This is the most important part of the products. Different from other Teddy Bears, this one is special for the herbs filling inside. This is where the aromatherapy comes from. You can choose your favorite aroma. Some of them are lavender, geranium, rose, and peppermint. Indeed, from all those aromas available, you can choose one that you like the most. You should not worry since the herbs chosen are clinically tested to be healthy and hygienic. Besides, they are processed well with high technology to optimize its benefits to your health.


There are some benefits of having this aromatherapy Teddy Bear product. The first one is for relaxation. By hugging and drowning your face on the Teddy Bear’s body, you can just feel more relaxed after the hectic schedule all day long. Besides, it is also beneficial to solve some health and light mental problems including influenza, sore throat, dizzy, stress, and more.

Specifically, each type of aromatherapy has its own main benefits. One of the examples is lavender that is good to refresh your mind as well as relieve the stress and dizzy. Interestingly, it is very good to be kept in your bedroom for its function to repel the mosquitoes. Sure, if you choose the peppermint aromatherapy, it helps you a lot to relieve sore throat and influenza. For the last two benefits, it is indeed not as effective as the essential oils or scented candles. However, for the smart idea along with the durability, it really needs to be appreciated.

Other Relevant Products

Teddy Bear is not the only aromatherapy doll series available in the market. There are still some other dolls with fascinating shapes including the owl, cat, cub, dog, and many more. Besides, there are also some of them that are produced in the form of human babies. So, which is your favorite one? It depends on your taste.

The colors applied to the dolls’ body are also commonly representing the aromatherapy it has. The easiest example is the purple Teddy Bears or dolls have lavender aromatherapy. Then, the pink one contains herbs with rose aroma or the green one for eucalyptus or peppermint. So, are you interested to buy the aromatherapy Teddy Bear?

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