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5 Products of Aromatherapy Water Based to Try in 2019

Nowadays, the air around us has been terribly polluted, sure, except in some certain areas only. Sometimes, it is just stressful so that we need something to make us feel more refreshed and relaxed. Aromatherapy water based can be a good answer for this. Despite it is to bring fresh air and good smell, some types of aromatherapy indeed give some health benefits. The water-based product is also recommended as it tends to be lighter, not allergic, and not sticky. So, what are the best brands of water-based aromatherapy you can try? Here is the list.


Okay, the products offered by Doterra brands are actually the common essential oils. But interestingly, the brand also provides the water to dissolve the oil. Meanwhile, it is possible also to use the oil directly since the ingredients contained tend to be light and natural. There are some options you can choose regarding the aroma starting from lavender, rose, chamomile, eucalyptus, peppermint, and more. Out from them, it seems that lavender is the most favorite one. The aroma is good and relaxing for sure. Besides, the customers just believe it really effective to improve mood, relieve pain, and repel bugs.


Although the function is just the same as the products from Dottera, Ambientair is a brand that provides the water-based aromatherapy for real. It means you don’t need to dissolve it with another fluid to make it react less.

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So, anytime you need the aromatherapy, you can just apply it directly. The products are also guaranteed to be natural and safe. It is proven by the ingredients that are 100% from nature without additional chemical substance. Enjoy good aromas including lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, and many more.

Organic Supply Co

Organic Supply Co gives you many options for aromatherapy products. They are pure essential oils, dissolved essential oil, soap, bath salt, and more. Sure, if you are interested in the water-based products more, you can choose the dissolved one. The uses of natural ingredients only become the primary tagline of the brand. There are only herbs to use to give maximum benefits for the users. So, what are the aromas to find from Organic Supply Co? There are lavender, tea tree, ylang-ylang, peppermint, sweet almond oil, and more.

Young Living

Talking about the best brands of aromatherapy, it seems not complete without mentioning Young Living. Young Living basically provides pure essential oils. However, the products are varied in term of oil content level. This way, the customers may have more options to choose one the best for them. There are even some sub-products offered including the aromatherapy water based. The aromas available are variants including the most demanded ones; clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. The benefits are not less than pure essential oils. Use them as an antiseptic, immune booster, pain reliever, and more.

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is another famous brand you should look at for sure. The primary products to see are the pure essential oil indeed. But it is possible to get the water-based one; it is by buying the aromatherapy sets that include the carrier water, pump, and some other tools. Of course, to have them all, it means you need to spend more money. But the final results are not disappointing. Moreover, the brand is indeed well-known for the tagline of natural and quality aromatherapy. The aromas are various, starting from lavender, clove, and peppermint to vanilla.

Sure, there are still some more brands you should try. To know whether they are qualified or not, you may check the ingredients of aromatherapy water based products first.

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