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Aromatherapy Zhike and Types of Diffuser to Know

Aromatherapy Zhike is one of many scent diffusers brands. So, what is actually diffuser? It is the tool that helps the scent or aroma to spread in a certain room or area. The types of the diffuser are various along with the spreading method. The newest one, it is the ultrasonic wave method that lets the scent to spread in the room longer as well as it filters the germs and bacteria to make the air healthier. If you have a plan to buy an aromatherapy diffuser but be confused, which one is to choose? Here are the other types to acknowledge.

The Heat Method

Traditionally, a diffuser works using the heat method commonly using a small fire that is functioned like a candle. The aroma may spread around along with the smoke just almost similar to the scented candles. Nowadays, the use of small fire has been replaced to the electric power. But you can still find the fire diffuser in some places like spa or salon with traditional concepts. Both fire and electricity aromatherapy diffusers are more suitable to be placed in a small room. Why? It is because the spreading aroma is not too strong. It is easy to use the diffuser but also you need to be careful particularly when dealing with the fire.


Along with the technology that is getting more sophisticated, there is a new method of aroma diffuser. It is also known as a vaporizer. With the vaporizer, aromatherapy is spreading in the form of very smooth particles. You can prepare the essential oils for aromatherapy juice to be placed inside the diffuser.

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Then, the oil or juice is turned into the particles to be spread in the room. Compared to the heat method, this one is safer and the oil tends to be more durable. However, it has a lack also. A vaporizer is basically a machine. So, if you choose the wrong one, it may produce noise when turning the oil or fluid into particles.

Ultrasonic Wave

Well, as it has been mentioned above, there is the newest type of diffuser; it is by using the ultrasonic wave. The process of spreading the aroma takes some steps. First, the essential oil or water is vibrated by the ultrasonic wave. The vibration causes the breaks of molecules into macromolecules and then it is spread by the air as the negative ion on the oil or water. The aroma spreading is in the form of smooth mist with good smell. Since the fluid becomes the most important element in this diffuser, it needs extra treatments to avoid the growth of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

The Treatments

Undeniably, a diffuser is a closed tool so that the air cannot simply enter there. On the other hand, it has the ability to spray the mist or air outside. For this characteristic, the treatments are definitely needed to keep the diffuser clean and dry. Particularly for the diffuser with ultrasonic wave, it needs to be cleaned at least once a month. What can you do to clean them?

It is not really difficult actually. Some diffusers consist of some parts and you must remove them from one to another. Use a clean rug with water, but the water should not be too much. Then, wipe it carefully and thoroughly on the entire area. Be careful, there must be some parts that are considered sensitive and they cannot be wet. Sure, you must avoid wiping the area. Wipe the tool one more time using a dry rug. Finally, Aromatherapy Zhike or other diffusers is clean and ready to use.

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