Relaxation Aromatherapy

You might be experienced in finding the smell which instantly evokes you with the strong feeling and memory. Might be a perfume will remind you about your old friends, grandma or the motor oil will bring you back when hanging out with your dad in the garage while he working on his car. The sense of smell was directly connected into the memory center of the brain and the emotion as well. The cells inside your nose will detect the smell in our environment and delivering the information into the brain through the olfactory nerve, it will make the smell unique and information that you have got from the senses will travel to the other parts inside your brain. No wonder that there are many people use Relaxation Aromatherapy.


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for relaxation and sleep and becomes the first recommendation for people who looking for the aromatherapy for sleep. Lavender has the soothing aroma which is long been associated with the sleep and relaxation – it also used as the natural remedy for the anxiety. The research found that the lavender has an effect in reducing anxiety as well as bringing the beneficial effects for depression. Lavender oil also helps to heal the pain and recent studies also show that aromatherapy using lavender oil to reduce the need for pain medications around 6 to 12 years oil.

Rose and Geranium

Both of these essential oils have a similar floral scent and both of them were shown to reduce the stress and anxiety. There are several sleep experts also recommend the valerian as the essential oil for the sleep aromatherapy. Valerian will take as the supplement can be so beneficial for sleep. There are many benefits of valerian for stress and sleep that you can find. You should know that the smell of valerian was very stinky, so this is highly recommended to try rose and geranium instead.


The sweet scent of vanilla will attract many people and has a long history of being used as relaxation and removing stress. Vanilla has sedative effects on your body. It will reduce the restlessness and hyperactivity,

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lowering the blood pressure and calming the nervous system. It will reduce depression and relieve anxiety by combining both relaxations and uplifting your mood.


You will smell the sweet floral scent and jasmine seems to have a strong ability to promote better sleep quality. The research shows that the jasmine will increase the sleep quality and reduce the restless sleeping as well as increasing the alertness during the daytime. A study in 2002 showed that jasmine will deliver all of the benefits of sleep as well as reducing anxiety.


It is a woody, earthy and rich scent and it has the ancient history of use for anxiety relief and relaxation as well. A study also showed that cedarwood is very effective to reduce the sedative effects, lowering the wakefulness. This is very important to know that cedarwood has proved to increase the alertness and wakefulness, even when it triggers physical relaxation. Anyone will reach to the scent differently. You should know that cedarwood can give sleep benefits for some people, while others might promote attentive and wakeful relaxation.


This relaxation Aromatherapy is very similar to the sandalwood – this is a group which can stimulate or promote sleep depending on the personal reaction and what type of citrus oil that you used. The lemon essential oil has shown the effects of anxiety and depression-relieving and helps some people to fall asleep easier. While others might find out the refreshing scent,but it might not sleep-promoting.

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